Industrial space of the old factory Cvernovka offer ideal space for original events. We provide large and small events, from 2 to 300 people. We are more than willing to set up a meeting with you to tour our space.

Our space

  • Coworking space
  • Small meeting room
  • Large meeting room
  • Studio

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events for 30-200 people


Extent: 350 m2
Capacity: 200 people
Facilities: conference chairs, desks, armchairs, Tuli bags, couches
Rental price: 70 € / hour – 700 € / day
Price includes: rental of the space, wifi internet, Connect liability manager, 50pcs of office chairs, installation included, preparation of the space, basic cleaning after the event, coat racks with straps, electricity
All-day rent also includes: sound + presentation equipment
Time availability: unlimited

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Our space has held many great events. From art exhibits by A. Warhol, Banksy, Bambi, Poppy called Streetart vs. Popart at Cvernovka, a fashion show of Martin Pernecký, to the Redbull Music Academy Basscamp where many young artists composed their songs. 

Connect hosted the presentation of new business ideas called i.e.Smart DEMO Day. The goal was to connect young people from several different fields and develop their skills in entrepreneurship and innovation. During the creative marathon of the Pontis Foundation, several creative agencies worked on communication strategies for well-known nonprofit organizations.

We also hosted a creative (non)conference – BarCamp Bratislava, and shooting of promotional TV spots for  Goldee, Acaico. The opening of the training program – Pricemania Academy kickoff I.-IV. and a promo event for a conference about design – BY DESIGN! kickoff conference was also held in the spaces of the old Cvernovka – at Connecte.

Coworking venue

evening / weekend events


For individuals: If you are an individual and looking for space to work, open a section Coworking

Extent: 300 m2
100 people (theater-arrangement), 200 people (standing)
conference chairs 50pcs, desks, armchairs, wifi, electrical outlets, Tuli bags, couches
Rental price: 
 70 €/hour – 700€/day
Price includes: rental of the space, 50pcs of office chairs, installation included, preparation of the space, basic cleaning after the event, water, coat racks with straps, electricity, and Connect liability manager.
All-day rent also includes: sound + presentation equipment
Time availability: workdays after 19:00, weekends and holiday unlimited

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Meeting rooms

meet with client or organize a workshop

Large meeting room

Extent: 28 m2
Capacity: 10-15 people
Facilities: conference table + chairs, creative scribi wall + markers
Rental price: 20 € / hour – 200 € / day
Price includes: rent and electricity, Connect liability manager, water pitchers, wifi internet, access to the cafe
All-day rent also includes: dataprojector, refreshments- coffee+tea
Time availability: workdays 8:30-19:00/ agreement

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Small meeting room

Extent: 14 m2
Capacity: 6-8 people
Facilities: conference table + chairs, creative scribi wall + markers, LCD TV with HDMI/VGA connection
Rental price: 15 € / hour – 150 € / day
Price includes: rent and electricity, Connect liability manager, water pitchers, wifi internet, access to the cafe
All-day rent also includes: refreshments – coffee+tea
Time availability: workdays 8:30-19:00/ agreement

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Past events

Thanks to beloved collective, perfect space and great organization we would love to cooperate with Connect also in the future.

Tomáš Vrtík, Senior Sales Manager, Pay solutions, a.s.

Industrial spaces of coworking center Connect hosted many events of educational projects by Pricemania Academy. We evaluate very positive our experience with not only a pleasant environment, but also with experienced and responsible organization team.

Mgr. Lenka Káčerová, Marketing & PR manager,

Company internal presentation organized in Connect was a very good idea. Prompt organization, informal environment and excellent strudel (and others :)). Moreover, if the „boss“ is late for a presentation, you can shorten the waiting time with ping-pong 🙂

Miroslava Badinská, Operations Manager, Innovatrics s. r. o.

WordCamp Slovakia Contributor day was very pleasant. We felt very well, we got everything we needed to work on WordPress project.

Peter Nemčok, WordPress Slovakia and WordCamp Slovakia founder, WordCamp Slovakia 2015

The space of Connect studio was ideal place for our swing dancing. We had everything we needed. Our thanks and praise belongs to very kind and helpful staff.

Ivana Drábová, Co-Founder & Marketing, B-Swing

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Performed here

DJs: Yanko Král, InkMidget, Naďa El, Baša Števulová, I-one (pioneers), DJs within the Redbull Music Academy – Stratasoul, Fallgrap, Stroon, Dalyb and others

music bands: Bad Karma Boy, FatKit, Sercpico Accoustic, Katka Kurucová, Vojtech Geleta & band, La3no Cubano, Bullet Holes, Martina Javor & Band, and others

artistic performances and workshops: Sangre Nueva (dance), Rustiqua Tribal Dance (dance), Chocomaze (chocoate production), Poctivo (course serigraphs and cooking syrup), Bentiana (tasting), Tesla (demonstration drive) and others

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